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If I could change the world, I would demand that everyone exfoliate. I would wave my magic wand and declare: Ash no more. Thanks to Social Media everyone is looking for the next “makeup beat-down”. The world has gone contour-crazy Women have been seen in broad daylight with super dark brown stripes on their face to create dimension. Lashes and brows have taken center stage. Meanwhile, online makeup Guru’s are holding service for the rapacious makeup junkies with topics like:“How to wing liner? How to smoke my eyes? How to get your brows on Fleek?

However, before you get your makeup beat-down get your skin “beat-up”. Beat-up ash, dry, dead skin. Beat-up rough textured skin and at the same time increase hydration and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Say good-bye to foundation and skin not appearing as one. What magical product can do all this? Exfoliant. Exfoliants have the power to get you the job of dreams and make money attracted to you like a magnet. Well, maybe not all that but flawless skin can improve your prospects in some many ways. Exfoliants come in the form of a liquid with grains or a facial masque. Exfoliants should be done twice a week after cleansing. No matter what your skin type.

So, if you want to truly look flawless start exfoliating today.

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